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Joiner & Joiner is an independent agency serving clients in the United States. By utilizing extensive research and disciplined risk management techniques, J&J helps individuals and families with their retirement goals. Our focus is on doing what is best for our clients’ health and wealth.

Joiner and Joiner believes that by providing our clients the best products, services, and the highest rated companies available, success and protection will follow and that our success as a business is based upon your success as a person. It’s our pleasure to serve you in all of your health and retirement goals so you have the best retirement possible.

Our Vision

We will continually establish itself as a leader in the financial services community by providing the utmost in quality of financial services and products which we cater to each client’s needs and interests, resulting in trusted long-lasting relationships for years to come.

Our Focus

We are a full-service retirement planning financial advisory that is driven by one focused goal – to help clients grow, protect and transfer all they have worked so hard to achieve. How can we help you secure your financial future?

How much do you really need for retirement?


Financial Planning

We will give you the guidance to save for retirement, generate retirement income, minimize your tax burden, determine proper insurance coverage, help you develop strategies to manage your financial future and offer personalized programs to help you achieve your unique goals.
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Retirement Planning

The earlier and more carefully you plan, the more likely you are to realize your vision of the future and enjoy yourself when retirement actually comes. We can guide you step-by-step through the retirement planning process and help you create a plan that meets your unique goals and objectives.

Lifetime Income

Protecting your hard-earned assets in perhaps the most volatile era in generations can be easier than you think. And there may not be a more important time than now to safeguard all that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
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IRA Solutions

We have a broad portfolio of IRA/RMD solutions that can give you the freedom to withdraw your RMD each year and still be guaranteed to leave at least 100% of the original premium as a death benefit through the age of 88, regardless of market conditions.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an area of expertise for us and we can custom-tailor a plan that meets all your goals and objectives. We look forward to assisting you in leaving a legacy that you can be proud of.
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Wealth Transfer

There are few things more important to successfully transferring wealth than solid financial planning. With so much focus on building an effective retirement plan, creating an equally effective plan for transferring hard-earned assets can unfortunately be an afterthought.

Health Insurance

As health insurance has grown more complex, you can rely on us to help you make an informed decision about your plan. We’re an independent advisor offering unbiased advice, and we’ll go over the pros and cons of each company and health insurance plan available to you.

Medicare 911™

You can rely on Joiner & Joiner to help you navigate the complexities of Medicare Parts A, B, C and D. We offer many different companies and different Medigap/Supplemental plans, Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug plans to help you cover deductibles, copayments and coinsurance—and could save you thousands of dollars.

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